Stanford Development

Stanford University has requested a General Use Permit which will govern development at Stanford through 2035.  The University has asked for approval of 3,500,000 square feet of new development (including 2,250,000 net new square feet of facilities and 2,600 student beds), plus 550 housing units; all of which is estimated to generate an additional 9,610 people on campus.  It is the largest development application ever submitted to the County.  There is local community concern over the impact Stanford’s growth will have on an already pressing affordable-housing shortage and traffic congestion.  The County is actively working with Stanford on how to mitigate these impacts.

Stanford University is applying to grow their campus development by 2,275,000 square feet. You can learn more about the application process below.

Proposed Conditions of Approval

You can read a high-level overview of County staff's proposed conditions of approval here.​

Proposed Development Agreement

Materials about the proposed development agreement can be found on the Board's October 16th Agenda.

Final Environmental Impact Report

The County has prepared the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) on the Stanford University General Use Permit, it is available here

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