Business and Economic Development

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SB 1311 (2008) Small Business Loans, California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)
Increases the number of CalCAP small business loans to businesses that do not otherwise qualify for loans under customary banking practices. It does so by prudently reducing the state-required contribution to the security fund providing bank insurance reserves when making loans to these businesses. Learn more here. 

SB 506 (2011) Registered Warrants and Tax Liability
Revises and updates California’s bond laws, allowing California corporations to use a registered warrant to offset or pay an existing tax liability. This allows corporations additional investment opportunities, and provides California with additional investors. Learn more here. 

SB 439 (2005) Disclosure Requirements for State Investments
Ensures California’s public pension systems continued access to alternative investment opportunities with companies that had been excluding public pension systems because of disclosure concerns under the California Public Records Act. Senate Bill 439 also provides clear standards for the scope of information which must be disclosed.  Learn more here. 

SB 225 (2011) Small Trucking Company Leasing
Makes terminal rental adjustment clause leases, used by small trucking businesses, eligible for CalCAP. In doing so, SB 225 expands financing for upgrades, improves air quality and mee​ts the requirements of Air Resources Board regulations. Learn more here. 

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