Careful Use of Taxpayer Dollars

“Careful use of taxpayer dollars is about more than just fiscal responsibility – it’s about maximizing the impact of the limited funding we have and making sure we don’t overburden the public.” ​ 

                                                                                                             --Supervisor Simitian


  • County Retiree Health Costs -- Upon returning to the Board in 2013, Supervisor Simitian brought attention to a developing crisis with the underfunded liability for Santa Clara County retiree health benefits, which had ballooned 2500% to $1.8 billion during the 12 years he served in the California State Legislature. Caused by the County deferring contributions in order to maintain County services during the economic downturn, Supervisor Simitian led the Board in approving an ordinance binding the County to a 35-year payment plan for debt reduction. By adhering to the approved plan, taxpayer costs for the retiree benefit could be reduced by an estimated $52 million a year and a total of $1.5 billion. Retiring the debt on a set time frame was one of the fiscal policies that helped the County earn strong ratings from the credit ratings agencies. Maintenance of high ratings translates into lower overall interest rates, which in turn bring additional benefits to the taxpayers of the community. Learn more


  • Voting No on a $2 Billion Tax Increase -- Supervisor Simitian cast a deciding vote against putting a measure on the November 2018 ballot to raise the County’s sales tax by a half cent.  His vote against the measure was made for two reasons: the County budget had increased to a much greater extent than the County population did during the previous five years; and, the burden on taxpayers was regressive, impacting lower income residents the hardest. Additionally, Measure B for transportation projects had just been approved, as well as a twelve cent per gallon gas tax.  Learn more

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