Child Welfare

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AB 1326 (2003), SB 1304 (2008) San Mateo County Childcare Subsidies Pilot
Establishes a five-year pilot project, with a sliding scale fee schedule, to better meet the childcare needs of low income families in San Mateo County. These measures provide local flexibility in establishing criteria for subsidized childcare, in lieu of State standards which fail to account for higher incomes in high cost counties. Learn more here. ​

SB 640 (2008) Sexual Misconduct by Public Employees
Closes a loophole in the law that prevented victims of childhood sexual abuse from seeking justice later in life; and which inadvertently created an incentive for government entities, including school districts, to look the other way in cases of sexual misconduct by their staff. Senate Bill 640, previously SB 1339 remedies this problem by exempting civil actions for childhood sexual abuse from the State’s Tort Claims Act. Learn more here.​ 

SB 679 (2005) Funding for San Mateo County Group Homes
Allows San Mateo County to receive state foster care funding for publicly-operated group homes for emotionally disturbed youth. Under prior law, only private, non-profit, providers could receive such funding; making it difficult for San Mateo County children in need to stay in their own communities, close to family and ongoing, coordinated services. Learn more here. 

SB 898 (2007), SB 164 (2011) Voluntary Tax Contributions for Child Abuse Prevention
Continues two voluntary tax check-off programs allowing individual taxpayers to contribute to the State Children’s Trust Fund for the Prevention of Child Abuse and the Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program. Senate Bill 164 extends the sunset date to January 1, 2018. Learn more here. ​


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