Consumer Protection

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SB 422 (2005), SB 221 (2011) Small Claims Court Increase
Senate Bill 422 raises the dollar limit for cases in small claims court from $5,000 to $7,500; and provides for additional training and availability of small claims court advisors. Pursuant to Senate Bill 221, the limit was raised again in 2011 to $10,000 providing an increased opportunity for those seeking relief without legal representation.  Learn more here. 

AB 2776 (2002) Airport Impact Disclosures in Home Sales
Requires that homebuyers be provided with notice if the house they intend to purchase is located near an airport and may be subject to noise, vibrations or odors. Learn more here. 

SB 1191 (2012) Default Disclosure to Prospective Tenant
Requires landlords to inform prospective tenants, before signing a lease, if the property is in default. Learn more here. 

SB 1400 (2008) Deceptive Sweepstakes
Strengthens California law with new rules and disclosure requirements for sweepstakes solicitation. Additional restrictions on advertising and representation are required, and sweepstakes are prohibited from selling or sharing customer names and other information. Learn more here. 

AB 2473 (2002) Gift Certificates
Requires businesses that declare bankruptcy to continue to honor gift certificates they issued prior to the bankruptcy filing date.  Learn more here. 

​​​​AB 2474 (2002) Antifreeze
Requires that a “bittering agent” be put into any engine coolant or antifreeze containing ethylene glycol that is sold in California retail markets. The agent adds a bitter taste to prevent accidental poisonings of children, pets, and wildlife. Learn more here. ​

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