Elder Abuse

An elderly couple holding two babies

SB 1018 (2006), SB 33 (2011) Mandatory Reporting of Elder Financial Abuse

Mandates that financial institutions (e.g., banks, savings and loans, and credit unions) who suspect elder or dependent adult financial abuse, must notify Adult Protective Services or law enforcement authorities. Senate Bill 33 makes SB 1018 permanent. Learn more here.

AB 2140 (2002) Elder Abuse/Increased Penalties

Protects vulnerable adults by increasing the penalties for a person who causes or permits any elder or dependent adult to suffer unjustifiable physical or mental pain. Learn more here.

AB 2611 (2004) Elder and Dependent Adult Financial Abuse

Strengthens elder and disabled adult financial protection law: increases criminal penalties, revises standards of proof, and expands conditions of probation. Learn more here.

AB 2791 (2004) Nursing Facilities/Abuse Prevention

Requires skilled nursing and intermediate care facilities to include training on preventing, recognizing, and reporting residents’ rights violations. Learn more here.

SB 1609 (2006) Reverse Mortgage Protection

Protects seniors from financial abuse associated with reverse mortgages. It requires: that seniors receive financial counseling before applying for a reverse mortgage, loan documents must be in the language in which the reverse mortgage was negotiated, and borrowers are not required to purchase an annuity as a condition of the loan. Learn more here.

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