Free and Fair Elections

“The right to vote is fundamental, and the most important thing is the accuracy and integrity of the vote-counting process. There must be absolute trust in the process. When it comes down t​o the wire, we want to make doubly sure that every vote is counted and counted correctly.”         

--Supervisor Simitian


Side angle of election booths
  • Timely and Efficient Election Results -- Year after year Santa Clara County election results came in slow and late. Supervisor Simitian thought the County could do better.  His efforts led to additional staffing, increase hours and new equipment, and the County's results are now more timely. Supervisor Simitian also led the Board’s effort to beef up election security measures prior to the 2018 elections and, in 2019 organized the County’s first election security conference to raise awareness and begin the sharing of best practices.  Learn more​
  • Pre-paid Ballot Postage -- In 2016 the Board adopted Supervisor Simitian’s proposal to make vote-by-mail ballots postage-paid, eliminating another barrier to voter participation and the timely return of mail-in ballots. As a result, voter participation increased and the number of vote-by-mail ballots turned in at polling places on election day dropped, aiding timely reporting.  Learn more​​​​​​​


  • Protecting the Front Line: Election Security Conference -- We have learned that safe, trustworthy elections are not guaranteed. With responsibility for elections residing with local governments, Supervisor Simitian chose to proactively address these concerns, leading the Board’s effort to beef up election security measures prior to the 2018 elections, and organizing the County’s first election security conference in 2019 to raise awareness and begin the sharing of best practices. ​ Learn more
  • Voter’s Choice Act -- At Supervisor Simitian urging, Santa Clara County will implement the Voter’s Choice Act, which offers greater choice, flexibility and convenience for voters in how, where and when they cast their ballots.  Beginning with the March 2020 Presidential Primary election, all Santa Clara County voters will receive a mail-in, pre-paid postage ballot. As an alternative to returning ballots by mail, voters can vote at any of the 110 Vote Centers in Santa Clara County, some of which will be open 10 days prior to the election.   In addition, there are drop box locations throughout the County as a third alternative for returning a ballot. ​ Learn more
  • Recounts for Close Elections -- In order to ensure that every vote is counted correctly, Supervisors Simitian and Chavez recommended in 2016 that the Board approve a pilot plan for the automatic recount of local contests. The recount program was made permanent in 2018, requiring a manual recount where the margin of victory is either less than 0.25 percent of the ballots cast, or less than 25 votes. In the past a candidate in a close race would have to pay for the recount. Supervisor Simitian acknowledged that recounts are not without cost, however the guarantee of the “right result” should not come only if the candidate has the ability to pay.  Learn more​​​​​​​

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