Highway Safety

A cell phone with GPS open is attached to a phone holder in a car

SB 1613 (2006) Hands-free Cell Phones
Prohibits the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving. Learn more here.​

SB 33 (2007) Teen Driver Cell Phone Safety
Prohibits drivers under the age of 18 from using any electronic device while driving, even hands-free. Learn more here.

SB 28 (2008) Texting While Driving Prohibition
Prohibits texting while driving. ​Learn more here.

AB 1854 (2004) Wipers On, Lights On
Requires head lights on when driving in rain. ​Learn more here.

SB 1610 (2006), SB 159 (2009) Move Over, Slow Down
Requires drivers to move over and/or slow down when approaching emergency personnel stopped on or alongside the highway. Senate Bill 159 makes this law permanent. ​Learn more here.

AB 1301 (2003) Minors Drinking and Driving
Holds parents and legal guardians liable for at-home minor drinking that leads to a car accident. ​Learn more here.

SB 1303 (2012) Red Light Camera Reform
Protects the rights of drivers cited by traffic enforcement cameras. ​Learn more here.


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