Privacy/Identity Theft

Identity Theft

AB 700 (2002) Data Breach Disclosure

Requires a business or state agency to notify individuals when their computerized personal data is acquired by an unauthorized source (i.e., in the event of a data breach). Learn more here.

SB 24 (2011) Data Breach Notification Requirements

Establishes a standard for the core content, to be written in plain language, for the consumer notification that is mandated by current law, when a consumer’s personal information is acquired through a security breach. Requires that the Attorney General be notified if more than 500 Californians are impacted.  Learn more here.

AB 68 (2003) Online Privacy Protection

Requires all businesses that collect personal information online to conspicuously post a privacy policy. Makes it unlawful for an online entity to violate its posted privacy policy.   Learn more here.

SB 202 (2006) Privacy for Telephone Calling Records: “Pretexting”

Outlaws obtaining a person’s phone records through fraud or deceit. (“pretexting”). Prohibits any entity from selling or purchasing any person’s telephone records without the expressed consent of that person.  Learn more here.

SB 1411 (2010) Malicious E-personation

Makes it unlawful to impersonate another person knowingly and without consent through the internet or by other electronic means.  Learn more here.

SB 31 (2008) Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) “Skimming” Ban

Makes it illegal to read and record information emitted from RFID-enabled devices without the knowledge and consent of the device holder.  Learn more here.

SB 362 (2007) Banning RFID Implants

Prohibits the forced implantation of subdermal RFID devices in humans.  Learn more here.

SB 1268 (2010) Electronic Toll Collection Privacy

Protects the privacy of California motorists by controlling the use of personal information that is collected and stored by governmental electronic toll collection systems. Prohibits the sale or dissemination of this personal data.  Learn more here.

SB 445 (2011) Electronic Library Records

Updates existing library privacy law by extending statutory privacy protection to include online communications (e.g., library interactions, electronic searches, emails, courses and personal records).  Learn more here.

SB 802 (2005) Protection of Debit Card Information

Prohibits businesses from printing more than the last five digits of a debit card number, the same protection that credit cards receive.  Learn more here.

AB 1219 (2002) Criminal Identity Theft

Establishes a simplified legal process for innocent victims, whose names/identities have been appropriated by suspects in criminal cases, to clear their names.  Learn more here.

SB 612 (2008) Identity Theft Trial Location

Enables the prosecution of an identity theft crime in the county in which the victim resides, as well as in the county where the theft occurred, or the county where the information is used for an illegal purpose.  Learn more here.

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