SBX7 1 (2009) Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act

Establishes water supply and environmental protection as co-equal goals.

Provides for the protection of the Delta by creating the Delta Conservancy. Provides for the governance of the Delta by creating the Delta Stewardship Council. Establishes the Delta Independent Science Board to inform and advise the Council. Strengthens the existing Delta Protection Commission.

Requires the State Water Resources Control Board to establish environmentally protective inflow standards for the Delta. Requires a process for developing a Natural Communities Conservation Plan, the highest level of environmental protection for threatened and endangered species in the Delta.​ Learn more here.​ 


SB 27 (2008), SB 1443 (2010) Delta Emergency Preparedness

Creates a Multi-Hazard Coordination Task Force, charged with developing emergency response plans for catastrophes in the Delta such as earthquakes, floods, levee collapse and ocean rise.

Senate Bill 1443 provides extended time for the Task Force to complete and submit its emergency response report on the Delta. ​Learn more here.


SB 1450 (2010) Delta Stewardship Council Contracts

Streamlines contracting procedures for the Delta Stewardship Council in order to expedite the Council’s start-up. 


AB 1546 (2004), SB 348 (2008) Pollution Prevention & Congestion Relief

Authorizes the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County to assess up to $4 in motor vehicle fees establishing a pilot program for funding the state-mandated Countywide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program, and congestion management activities. Senate Bill 348 extends the existing authorization for up to four years. Learn more here.


SB 729 (2006) Water Quality

Establishes enforcement reforms to ensure California’s water quality laws are implemented fully and fairly. Learn more here.


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