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​SB 1538 (2012) Dense Breast Tissue Notification
Requires that a woman with dense breasts be notified of this condition in the letter she receives from her radiologist after every mammogram; and is advised that dense breast tissue could make it harder to detect cancer on a mammogram. Learn more here. ​

SB 1359 (2012) Tax Check-Offs for Cancer ResearchProvides two California personal income tax “check-offs” giving California taxpayers the option, on their tax returns, to provide a donation to the California Breast Cancer Research Fund and/or the California Cancer Research Fund. ​Learn more here. 

SB 798 (2005), SB 1329 (2012) Recovery and Reuse of Unused Prescription Medicines
Allows counties to recover unused prescription medications from skilled nursing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and wholesalers, and to distribute them without charge to people in need and of modest means. ​Learn more here. 

Senate Bill 1329 significantly expands the unused prescription drug program. Allows a greater number of entities to donate surplus medications, allows a greater number of entities to receive surplus medications and expands the number and type of drugs eligible for donation.

AB 2831 (2002) Medical Information: Electronic Notification
Adds e-mail and internet postings as delivery options for sharing pap smear test results with patients when the results are normal. ​Learn more here. 

AB 1589 (2001) Electronic Prescription Study
Required the Medical Board of California to commission a study evaluating the electronic transmission of prescriptions by health care providers, and report its recommendations to the Legislature by January 1, 2003. ​Learn more here. 

SB 1401 (2008) Traumatic Brain Injury, Returning Military
Creates outreach programs for returning veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, to address the need for education and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. ​Learn more here. 

SB 36 (2011) Healthcare Access for At-Risk Children
Enables healthcare programs in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco Counties, (and potentially others), to cover more uninsured children. Raises California’s income eligibility cap to match the federal cap thereby allowing participating counties to access additional federal funds. ​Learn more here. ​

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